Texas Educational Agency Holocaust and Genocide Teacher Workshops

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ESC Workshop

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) required these distinctions in Texas high school social studies education. In 2010-2011, the THGC began holding TEA workshops throughout Texas at each of TEA’s 20 Educational Service Center’s (ESCs). THGC awarded contracts totaling $21,600 to the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Holocaust Museum’s educational departments for middle and high school teacher instruction of how to teach the Holocaust and other genocides. For the earlier grades a fourth contract was given to an organization that taught teachers how to remember the Holocaust through a butterfly project. Friends funding supported these efforts.


Workshop participants

Holocaust Module:
The Holocaust module begins with a historical overview of the situation in Germany between 1933 until its defeat in 1945. Propaganda efforts by the Nazi regime fuelled a nation to destruct its own citizens with emphasis on the entire European population of Jews, homosexuals and Roma persons. Included in the module is a serious discussion of life in the ghettos and death in the concentration camps throughout Europe. An explanation of how the human rights of victims were denied and the consequences of the actions of entire nations resulted in the Holocaust. Examples of courage exhibited by the righteous few will be explored. Art and writing projects are encouraged along with research into this horrific time through vetted web based links.