Modification to College Board’s AP History Curriculums

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The Friends has sponsored THGC’s effort to change the College Board’s; AP US History; AP European History; and, AP World History curriculums to include both the Holocaust and genocide within their educational curriculums. Throughout America and Canada approximately 600,000 students study AP US History as well as an equal number take the AP European and AP World History courses. This accomplishment is the closest America has come to a national mandate to teach the Holocaust and genocide to our best and brightest students. All 5.3 million Texas students are required to take two of the social studies courses before graduation from high school.

As a result of THGC’s work with the College Boards the following statement by the college boards will for the first time require the teaching testing of the Holocaust and other genocides in their standard curriculum for the three separate

In the near future, Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission will begin working with the College Board to determine appropriate Holocaust and genocide content for Language Arts curriculums.